Krunchie with Yachts

Krunchie with Yachts

Proinnsias - Krunchie As

"Proinnsias" sounds the same as "Krunchie as," except with a P instead of a K. I was christened "Francis Killeen," but adopted the Irish form of this name "Proinnsias Ó Cillín." ("Cillín," which means "treasure," sounds exactly the same as "Killeen"). Some people have difficulty pronouncing "Proinnsias," and some children in my neighbourhood called me "Krunchie," a nickname that stuck.

Kevin Myers and the Jews

I wonder if it is possible to make any comment at all about Jews without being anti-Semitic.

I must  confess that I have regarded the Jews, at least in Ireland, as being exceptionally (that is more than is the case for the general public) interested in education, success, professionalism, good living and accumulating wealth. It would not be unexpected for such a person to seek the maximum value for his services and to strike a better bargain than a person from a less motivated ethnic or social group. That is not to say that all Jews are so motivated, but that such qualities are possibly more prevalent among Jews than among other groups.

Perhaps this is a function of being a minority ethnic group and of generations of their forebears having had to work hard to make a living in a hostile environment. Perhaps the Irish abroad have had to make similar efforts.

Can we praise Jews for the contribution they have made to education, science, banking and economics, without insinuating some negative quality?

Can we attribute courage, achievement, resolve, steadfastness, enterprise, to the Irish or any other ethnic or social  group, without inferring some discriminatory view?

Must Kevin Myers be necessarily anti-Semitic in suggesting that, because of some such qualities, derived from their participation in a cultural group, it is possible that some Jews may have made good in their careers???

Had his views emanated from research into whether Jews in these islands are more successful, percentage-wise than the general population, would the conclusion be anti-Semitic? Is it not possible to advance an hypothesis that Jews are more successful career-wise than the general public? Without such hypotheses is research into such social questions possible?

Is it possible to make any conjecture about the quality of the performance of Jews in contrast to other social groups without being anti-Semitic?

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